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Frequently Asked Questions
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Meals Programs

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Meals Programs FAQs

Do I need a referral to get meals?

No, we serve meals to anyone who is in need of temporary or long-term support accessing nutritious meals.

Are meals just for seniors?

No, we offer the service to anyone in need of temporary or long-term support accessing nutritious meals. For example:

  • Seniors
  • Persons living with a disability or chronic illness
  • Recovery from surgery or childbirth
  • Caregiver coping with a family illness
  • Persons who have inadequate cooking facilities
Are the meals free?

No, there is a fee for the service. There is a subsidy available for the Hot Meals program for those unable to pay the full cost of the meals. Please contact Erin Paisley at 905.584.2992 for more details.

Why are my meals so inexpensive?

Our hot and frozen meals are subsidized by our funders.

For Hot Meals, can I choose my meals from a menu?

No, but you can tell us what you don't like and we'll make sure that you get an alternate option.

How many meals are made each year?

In 2012, 21,000 meals were delivered to clients in the Caledon and Orangeville area.

How many people do you serve?

We serve over 450 clients throughout Caledon and Orangeville.

SMILE Exercise Program FAQs

Why is there a fee for this service?

At some locations CMOW has to pay rent to use the facility, this amount is not fully subsidized so we charge a small nominal fee per session to pay for the rental cost.

Social Programs FAQs

Why do I have to pay for my trip in advance of the trip date? I thought I could pay the day of the trip?

If someone doesn't pay for their trip, or cancels the day of, CMOW is responsible for their full trip fee. Our trips are not subsidized, so it is a loss to our agency and could jeopardize the continuation of our trip program. Also, our suppliers (transportation, hotels/restaurants) require advance attendance numbers for their planning processes, to ensure everything goes smoothly the day of the trip.

For your luncheons and card parties, why do I have to pre-register?

We ask that everyone pre-register so that we have enough food available for everyone who attends the party.

When I register for a luncheon, can I choose what I can eat? Is there a menu?

No, the menu is set (either a hot or cold lunch), but please notify us of any allergies or food intolerances and we'll try to accommodate your request. 

Volunteer FAQs

How many volunteers do you have?

We have over 120 wonderful volunteers.

Are there any suitable volunteer positions for students wanting to accumulate volunteer hours? 

Yes, we have had students deliver meals over the summer, with a parent, or help out in the office or at special events and functions.  If you are a student wanting to volunteer give us a call and we would love to find a good fit.



For more volunteer questions specific to a volunteer opportunity, visit our Volunteer Opportunity page.



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